is an environment for dialogue, analysis and
development organized
by Vesselina Sarieva
which combines commercial
and philanthropic activities

Fields of work

  • curating
  • collecting contemporary art
  • building collections
  • art education
  • artistic career development
  • urban development
  • placemaking
  • cultural management
  • creating, facilitating and establishing brands
  • organizing events
  • fundraising,
  • building strategic partnerships
  • networking
  • long-term and short-term strategies
  • cross-sectoral projects – art and business
  • lobbying and moderating dialogue
  • communication
  • working with audiences and others.


Кабинѐт*  works along with Bulgarian and international clients, among which are individuals, art institutions or commercial enterprises that aspire to achieve strategic development in the future.

The working process goes through various stages where a full range of customer services is provided. The full cycle includes consultation, situation analysis, calculation of potentials, strategic planning, implementation, support and mentoring.

In support of
the eco system

Кабинѐт* lands a hand to young authors and entrepreneurs from Bulgaria by offering free consultations at the end of each month. Consultations cover a wide range of topics from strategic career guidance, putting together a good portfolio, referring potential venues and people to pitch their work, and more. This strategic guidance for young artists and entrepreneurs supports the individuals themselves, but also aims to discover new talent and visionaries to support Bulgaria’s artistic ecosystem.

About us

“To help other people and organizations fulfil their dreams, as I have, is the mission of my working endeavours at Кабинѐт”,

Кабинѐт* is based on Vesselina Sarieva’s professional expertise and many years of experience with internationally recognized organizations such as Open Arts Foundation, Sariev Contemporary, Sarieva / Gallery, artnewscafeFor the overall development of its larger projects, Кабинет* assembles teams and engages external experts.

Vesselina Sarieva is a cultural manager, curator, art collector, director and founder of internationally successful organizations and projects.

She describes her work as a creator and curator of context, and in this broad concept she includes her diverse occupations and roles in the fields of art, culture and urban development. Since 2004, she has been working vigorously toward comprehending, constructing and creating innovative models for support, presentation and development in these fields.

She takes an interest in the creation of spaces and meeting points, understood both as physical and abstract concepts.

She has worked as partner, co-founder, advisor and collaborator with a number of local and international cultural and commercial institutions, as well as embassies in Bulgaria, ministries and municipalities. She has collaborated with world-famous museums in the United States and Europe, public collections and cultural organizations in Germany, England, Belgium, Austria, Turkey and others.

Vesselina has been a lecturer at conferences and forums on art collecting, contemporary Bulgarian art, cultural management, and cultural policies. Selected events have been organised by HFBK University of Fine Arts Hamburg; the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia; the Bulgarian Festival Association, Sofia; the British Council, Sofia; Goethe Institut, Sofia; Istanbul Contemporary, Istanbul, The Red House Centre for Culture and Debate, Sofia; Goethe Institut, Berlin; Istanbul Contemporary, Istanbul; the Art Today Association – Centre for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv; New Bulgarian University, Sofia; Institut Artmark, Bucharest; Cosmopolis Centre for Urban Research, VUB, Brussels.

Sarieva’s activities have been covered by international media such as The New York Times International, TAZ, Die Welt, Art Review, ARTE, Deutche Welle, Calvert Journal, Artnet News, and in the regular Bulgarian national media.

Vesselina Sarieva’s work has been a key factor in the development of Bulgarian contemporary art on a national level, and in its presence abroad after 2010. Her work has been a major factor in the activation of the cultural scene in Plovdiv after 2004 and in the awarding of the Plovdiv-European Capital of Culture designation in 2015.

Contact us

How to request a consultation or an expert opinion:

– For clients – send an email to Vesselina Sarieva at, briefly introducing yourself and your request. We will get back to you shortly.

– For young authors and pre-publishers – You can apply for free consultations every month until the 15th. You’ll receive an email by the 20th to let you know if we can be of assistance and if you’ve been approved for a consultation at the end of the current month. In the subject line of the email, please note “Cabinet – request for free consultation”. In the email, state your request and attach materials (note that once we approve you, you may send more materials). Send the materials to Vesselina Sarieva,, with a copy to

Кабинѐт is a part of Sarieva/Hub – the  first hybrid environment of its kind in Bulgaria, created to improve the culture of living and perception.

*„Кабинѐт“  (Bulgarian pronunciation: [kəbineˈt]) is a word, which in Bulgarian has the meaning of a personal room in a private home or a public establishment, used for reflection time, creative work and writing, where knowledge and expertise is collected. Very often, it stores a large number of materials, books, artifacts, archives, etc. Unlike an office, it is considered a more intimate space where fewer people are allowed. The other meaning of the word „Кабинѐт“ refers to members who belong to a community. 

© Photos: Vladislav Sevov, Lina Krivoshieva, Vanesa Popova

Mike Bouchet, Love Dive (Diet Pelican Froth), 2017. Site-specific sculpture featured in NIGHT/Plovdiv.
The Pelicans’ Fountain on Stefan Stambolov Sq. in Plovdiv was filled up with the artist’s self-produced Diet Cola. Curated and produced by Vesselina Sarieva.